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Interesting Visualizations + Tools from the Yackathon Judges

Check these out! All submitted by judges!

I am a big fan of Hans Rosling ( I am always impressed by Rosling's way of telling a story using data and giving examples with everyday objects.

Tableau has a great user community and their gallery has a lot of creative ways to visualize data using their tool."

Those that grab me the most often have a strong human dimension, an ability to generate empathy, or curiosity in someone else's journey or experience. The overwhelming scale of the unfolding migrant crisis was well suited for this:

A Day in the Life of Americans:

Dare I be so bold as to link to our winning submissions last year?!

I've always been a fan of the Rent or Buy calculator from the NYT:

Something fun:

Chart.js is a great open source that can be used to effectively visualize big data sets. It renders the charts using HTML 5 canvas creating responsive, light and flat design charts.


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